JR-3 Speed-Reeder Transducer Bracket



Introducing the New Johnny Ray Speed-Reeder

Universal Transom-Mounted Transducer Bracket

Would you drive your car without being able to see through the windshield?

Driving a boat with a lost depth finder signal is just as dangerous!!

Don’t Risk Your Boating Safety By Driving Blind !!

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With today’s boat hull designs, it is very difficult to place the transducer in clean, un-turbulent water using the stock OEM bracket assembly. Most Transoms are stepped inward at the bottom, and all have stability ribs built into the hull that creates extreme turbulence. Transducers cannot read correctly in turbulent water. OEM Brackets do not incorporate enough adjustment to account for these situations, and use of those type brackets are limited to certain angles, and to boats only having transoms built in, until now.


Stock OEM bracket at speed.                    Speed-Reeder at speed.

No reading!


Good reading!

To field test our concept, a prototype bracket was installed on a 28’ Triple Pontoon Boat with a 225 4 Stroke Outboard. With a top speed of 45mph, the Speed-Reeder Bracket continued reading, with no loss of signal or interference. Even when the boat was engaged in full throttle, full radius turns, the depth continued to read with no loss or interference, no matter how erratic the boat was driven. Simply Put This Bracket Does Exactly What It Was Designed To Do It Will Eliminate Your Depth Finder Reading Problems At Speed.
Austin from Little Rock, AR writes,

“I was frustrated that my new Solstice 230 pontoon from Harris would lose the bottom after about 15mph. Read about this bracket on a web forum and installed it last week. Here are some pictures of the success! Great product! Thank you!!”

The Speed-Reeder is constructed of 16 Gauge T-304 Brushed Stainless Steel for Corrosion Protection in any marine environment. Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware firmly locks your adjustment in place for a positive, one time setting, yet allows for “Kick Up” Safety Protection of the Transducer when striking floating objects. Its unique 2 Piece Design allows for Virtually 180 Degrees of Mounting and Adjustability on any surface. Transom Mounting Tabs can also be mounted inward in case of tight transom mounting space.
Applications include, but are not limited to the following:

Pontoon Boats, Aluminum Fishing Boats, Bay Boats, Bass Boats, Fish & Ski Boats, Run-a-Bouts, Kayaks, Jet Boats, Jet Ski’s, Canoes, etc.

Universal High-Speed Transom Mounted Transducer Mounting Bracket

  • Eliminates your high speed depth sounder reading problems!
  • Constructed of heavy 16 guage T-304 Stainless Steel and assembled with Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • Designed and developed specifically to provide flawless depth finder reading at high speed or while cornering.
  • Unique two-piece adjustable design provides an infinite number of settings to match your boat’s transom angle and the water’s surface.
  • Keeps the transducer in clean (non-turbulent) water at speed or when cornering.
  • ” Kick-up” design protects your transducer from floating or hidden objects under water.

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