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May 24, 2014 Blog

Dear Johnny Ray,

I want to Thank You for your Superior Service and Excellent Products and to relay my experience with Johnny Ray Mounts to others who may be in the market for a Mount to fit their Electronics.

My history with Johnny Ray Mounts started in 1984 when I bought my first Bass Boat that came with a Johnny Ray Mount. I liked it enough that I mounted another Johnny Ray on the console. The installations were bulletproof. My next boat also had Johnny Ray Mounts. I ran that boat for 10 years in countless tournaments and never had a problem. My third boat had flush mounted electronics initially. When it came time to upgrade electronics, I purchased a Lowrance LCX-25 and decided to try a RAM Mount. I mounted my Lowrance unit on the front deck. What I discovered was that no matter how tight I got the RAM Mount, it would not hold the unit secure. When running rough water or when hitting a good sized boat wake, the unit moved. Sometimes the unit would even hit the bow of my boat. The RAM Mount required frequent adjustment/re-tightening throughout the day. So, I eventually spent a bunch of money on the newer Super Heavy Duty RAM Mount. Much to my surprise, this unit did not fix my problems either, no matter how tight I tightened it.

In fairness to the RAM Mount, they are built with quality materials and they do offer flexible mounting options. But, in my experience, they did not hold my electronics secure in real world conditions. Secondly, when you consider the time it takes to put your electronics on your boat in the morning, there is no comparison. Johnny Ray Mounts are just pop in & pop out. No twisting or tightening or adjustments throughout the day. And, your electronics stay where your put them.

I have since replaced the RAM Mount with a Johnny Ray Mount (JR-207). That unit ran rock solid for almost four years. While putting my electronics on the boat one morning, I noticed the base of my Johnny Ray Mount was cracked. I put my graph on anyway, and went fishing. About mid-day I sat down and called Johnny Ray. I explained the crack in the base of the mount. I also made them aware that I had a tournament in four days. They replaced my cracked mount, no questions asked, and had it sent to my doorstep, at no cost to me.

Most of my fishing is on the windswept Colorado River of Lakes Mead, Mohave, Havasu, and Powell. These lakes can really tax your equipment as they are frequently very rough. Johnny Ray Mounts have proven themselves many times over. And finally after 30 years, I needed warranty service and they stepped up and stood behind their product. They exceeded all expectations. Good people, good product. No need to look elsewhere.

Thanks, again,

Las Vegas, Nevada

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