Volunteer Marine Rescue Inc, Victoria, Australia rave review!

To give you an idea of how much punishment these will get, I have included a photo of one of the vessels that has one fitted. This boat has now been fitted with radar and the display is mounted on a Johnny Ray swivel mount, possibly a JR-206. We love the quality of the mount and hence have insisted on the fitting of similar mounts to the other vessels as well. We certainly pass on our confidence in the product to all who enquire.”

Thanks again

Rick C.
VMR Mornington
Volunteer Marine Rescue Inc
Victoria, Australia

This Swivel Mount is the only way to go!!

Dear Johnny Ray,

This Swivel Mount is the only way to go! I use the part # JR-205 for my HDS 10 and Humminbird 1198. I have used the Ram Mount, but if you want convenience and a trust worthy Mount, the Johnny Ray Mount is the way to go. I can swivel my mount on the fly with just a spin of the head unit. There is no more need to loosen and tighten a knob so you can turn your head unit. Plus, when your ready to pull your head unit off, it takes 1 second to push a lever, were the Ram Mount you need to unscrew it first, plus hang on to your head unit as it flops around until you get it loose enough to remove. For those looking for the perfect mount, the Johnny Ray Mount is what you need!!

Owner of Predator Bass Baits”

Superior Service and Excellent Products.

Dear Johnny Ray,

I want to Thank You for your Superior Service and Excellent Products and to relay my experience with Johnny Ray Mounts to others who may be in the market for a Mount to fit their Electronics.

My history with Johnny Ray Mounts started in 1984 when I bought my first Bass Boat that came with a Johnny Ray Mount. I liked it enough that I mounted another Johnny Ray on the console. The installations were bulletproof. My next boat also had Johnny Ray Mounts. I ran that boat for 10 years in countless tournaments and never had a problem. My third boat had flush mounted electronics initially. When it came time to upgrade electronics, I purchased a Lowrance LCX-25 and decided to try a RAM Mount. I mounted my Lowrance unit on the front deck. What I discovered was that no matter how tight I got the RAM Mount, it would not hold the unit secure. When running rough water or when hitting a good sized boat wake, the unit moved. Sometimes the unit would even hit the bow of my boat. The RAM Mount required frequent adjustment/re-tightening throughout the day. So, I eventually spent a bunch of money on the newer Super Heavy Duty RAM Mount. Much to my surprise, this unit did not fix my problems either, no matter how tight I tightened it.

In fairness to the RAM Mount, they are built with quality materials and they do offer flexible mounting options. But, in my experience, they did not hold my electronics secure in real world conditions. Secondly, when you consider the time it takes to put your electronics on your boat in the morning, there is no comparison. Johnny Ray Mounts are just pop in & pop out. No twisting or tightening or adjustments throughout the day. And, your electronics stay where your put them.

I have since replaced the RAM Mount with a Johnny Ray Mount (JR-207). That unit ran rock solid for almost four years. While putting my electronics on the boat one morning, I noticed the base of my Johnny Ray Mount was cracked. I put my graph on anyway, and went fishing. About mid-day I sat down and called Johnny Ray. I explained the crack in the base of the mount. I also made them aware that I had a tournament in four days. They replaced my cracked mount, no questions asked, and had it sent to my doorstep, at no cost to me.

Most of my fishing is on the windswept Colorado River of Lakes Mead, Mohave, Havasu, and Powell. These lakes can really tax your equipment as they are frequently very rough. Johnny Ray Mounts have proven themselves many times over. And finally after 30 years, I needed warranty service and they stepped up and stood behind their product. They exceeded all expectations. Good people, good product. No need to look elsewhere.

Thanks, again,

Las Vegas, Nevada

New JR-207

Dear Johnny Ray,

I can tell you that recently I had my Ranger in some major rough water (during the FLW National Guard Columbia River tournament). I was stuffing the bow of my boat into multiple waves that completely submerged my deck and mount on the front deck. The waves pounded my boat so severely that one of the knobs on my bow mounted Lowrance X26cHD unit spun off. In spite of the pounding, both my front Johnny Ray mount (JR-207) and the console Johnny Ray mount (JR-207) held up perfectly, confirming my thought that these are the strongest mounts available!”

Marc M.

Steilacoom, WA

Multi-product owner - tournament fisherman.

Johnny Ray Sports mounts are one of the best inventions for boats today. These mounts make it very easy for me to swivel my graph into any desire position while on the water. I really appreciate having that flexibility, instead of a single position to view my graph. I also appreciate how easy it is to remove the depth finder off of my boat. Since I tournament fish a lot, I stay at a lot of motels. The Johnny Ray mount makes it very easy for me to take of my depth finders and lock them up over night. I will not have another boat that isn’t rigged with Johnny Ray Sports mounts. I also like the Johnny Ray Battery terminals. Having all of the wires connected to the battery with one connector really makes it easy when I have to change out a battery. Before I tried these connectors I would have to check out all of my electronics on my boat to ensure that I have everything connected properly. Now that I am using the Johnny Ray battery terminals, I never have to worry about not having a wire connected when I change out a battery. The Johnny Ray trolling motor transducer mount is a very innovative product. Mounting the transducer with this bracket is a breeze. Since the bracket connects to the shaft of the trolling motor, it keeps the transducer from getting damaged when you bang your trolling motor into something. Thanks a bunch for all of the fine Products.

Todd Hamilton
Jan 11, 2004
Web Site User.

JR-400AP & JR-400 - Beyond expectations!

Dear Johnny Ray,

I received my order # 2168 and installed it on my boat on Sunday 9/26. The technical help and advice over the phone was outstanding! Their offer to pre-assemble the JR-400AP and JR-400 Swivel Mount I would be using for my New Cuda Fish Finder was above and beyond my expectations!! The Swivel Mount and Adapter Plate are a well thought out piece of engineering that I think will serve me well.

Thanks again! Mike

JR-3 Speed-Reeder....reads perfectly at all speeds!!!

I have had my Carolina Skiff for 18 years and have never been able to read my depth at all speeds until today.

I just had your JR-3 Speed-Reeder installed on my Carolina Skiff, and it reads perfectly at all speeds!!!

Thank you so much!!! Ray G.

JR-207 - More stable, secure mount for large sonar/GPS units.

Dear Johnny Ray,

I recently purchased a Lowrance LCX 28 for my Ranger Z 20. Right away, I could tell that the larger, heavier sonar/GPS unit would have to mounted off to the side of the console. The standard mount used by many fishermen is the “two-ball pivot mount,” which did not appear to be secure enough for the weight. I consulted with some of my friends who were using the aforementioned mount. They were not very pleased with it’s performance because their expensive electronic units would sometimes lose stability and “flop around.”

A well respected fisherman and friend, highly recommended the Johnny Ray JR 207 and sent pictures of his Ranger Boat with that mount. He also suggested I contact your company to learn more. Your Customer Service Department was most helpful and friendly, and was a great ambassador for Johnny Ray. At that point, I was convinced that Johnny Ray was the only way to go.

Now, I feel I am using one of the most stable, secure, and functional mounts for large sonar/GPS units. There are three bolted machine screws holding everything down so it’s not going anywhere, and the whole assembly is rock solid. Boat manufacturers, should make the Johnny Ray Mount a standard item.

My appreciation goes out to all of you at Johnny Ray for excellent Customer Service. I will tout your product to all my fellow fishermen/boaters.

Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,

Len J,
Corte Madera, CA”

Flexible, a perfect fit, and Made in USA!!

I used the Johnny Ray JR400HLP-M Swivel Mount and Adapter Plate for my Lowrance Elite-4 Gold unit. It was a perfect fit and now provides me the flexibility to swivel the unit so anyone in the boat can see the screens when drifting. Having the swivel base also allows me to rotate the screen out of occasional sun glare situations. Just push the button and you can detach the adapter plate from the base in a few seconds. You do have to drill the holes in the mounting plate that Johnny Ray supplies to mount the Lowrance Elite -4 base, but it is very easy and takes about (5) minutes.

Made in USA which is a huge plus in my book.


Fountainville, PA

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