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April 3, 2005 Blog

Johnny Ray Sports mounts are one of the best inventions for boats today. These mounts make it very easy for me to swivel my graph into any desire position while on the water. I really appreciate having that flexibility, instead of a single position to view my graph. I also appreciate how easy it is to remove the depth finder off of my boat. Since I tournament fish a lot, I stay at a lot of motels. The Johnny Ray mount makes it very easy for me to take of my depth finders and lock them up over night. I will not have another boat that isn’t rigged with Johnny Ray Sports mounts. I also like the Johnny Ray Battery terminals. Having all of the wires connected to the battery with one connector really makes it easy when I have to change out a battery. Before I tried these connectors I would have to check out all of my electronics on my boat to ensure that I have everything connected properly. Now that I am using the Johnny Ray battery terminals, I never have to worry about not having a wire connected when I change out a battery. The Johnny Ray trolling motor transducer mount is a very innovative product. Mounting the transducer with this bracket is a breeze. Since the bracket connects to the shaft of the trolling motor, it keeps the transducer from getting damaged when you bang your trolling motor into something. Thanks a bunch for all of the fine Products.

Todd Hamilton
Jan 11, 2004
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