JR-207 - More stable, secure mount for large sonar/GPS units.

January 30, 2008 Blog

Dear Johnny Ray,

I recently purchased a Lowrance LCX 28 for my Ranger Z 20. Right away, I could tell that the larger, heavier sonar/GPS unit would have to mounted off to the side of the console. The standard mount used by many fishermen is the “two-ball pivot mount,” which did not appear to be secure enough for the weight. I consulted with some of my friends who were using the aforementioned mount. They were not very pleased with it’s performance because their expensive electronic units would sometimes lose stability and “flop around.”

A well respected fisherman and friend, highly recommended the Johnny Ray JR 207 and sent pictures of his Ranger Boat with that mount. He also suggested I contact your company to learn more. Your Customer Service Department was most helpful and friendly, and was a great ambassador for Johnny Ray. At that point, I was convinced that Johnny Ray was the only way to go.

Now, I feel I am using one of the most stable, secure, and functional mounts for large sonar/GPS units. There are three bolted machine screws holding everything down so it’s not going anywhere, and the whole assembly is rock solid. Boat manufacturers, should make the Johnny Ray Mount a standard item.

My appreciation goes out to all of you at Johnny Ray for excellent Customer Service. I will tout your product to all my fellow fishermen/boaters.

Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,

Len J,
Corte Madera, CA”

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