Special Operating Note

RE: Push Button Style and/or Lever Release Style Bases

When using the unique Swivel Feature of our Swivel Mounts to rotate your electronic unit, the Push Button Release and/or Lever Release MUST NOT BE USED TO ROTATE THE SWIVEL TOP. Doing so, especially while under power, could result in sudden loss of Electronic Unit. The Push Button and/or Lever Release is to be used ONLY FOR TOP REMOVAL.

To Re-engage the Swivel Top/Electronic Unit into the Johnny Ray Base, simply install the top stem back into the base and firmly press down until you hear a definitive POP. Once you hear this sound, rotate the Electronic Unit back and forth to check for proper installation. IF YOU CANNOT HEAR THE RATCHETING SOUND WHEN YOU ROTATE THE TOP, YOUR TOP HAS NOT BEEN PROPERLY RE-ENGAGED IN THE SWIVEL BASE. Your Swivel Top should also sit completely down onto the base with no gaps. If there is a gap, your top is not fully seated.

Our Swivel Mounts feature an automatically locking Swivel Top to hold your Electronic Unit in its turned position (hence the ratcheting sound you hear when turning it). This sound is completely normal. This is also one of its strong features, as it allows you to rotate the top with just one hand, at any boating speed or condition.

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