Swivel Mounts

For Over 40 Years, Johnny Ray Swivel Mounts have led the way in Electronics Mounting Solutions with their Unique Features and Dependability, still unmatched by any other brand on the market today. Johnny Ray Mounts securely hold your unit in place, no matter what the boating condition is; No clumsy knobs to tighten, or multiple joints that let your expensive Electronics flop around and drop out of viewing sight in rough water. Whether it’s weaving your way around a tight creek channel, or blasting through ocean swells while navigating to your favorite fishing spots, Johnny Ray Mounts will be the most secure, most durable mounts you will ever purchase. And they all can be adjusted with one hand in any boating condition.

All Johnny Ray Swivels Models feature our Unique Removable Top Mechanism which allows for easy top removal to allow for unit storage when the fishing day is done. And when the day begins again, simply snap the top back into the base, and you’re ready to fish. Johnny Ray also offers Optional Mounting Bases to allow for multiple mounting locations within your boat, or to allow for a home docking station to protect your unit in the winter months.

Johnny Ray Offers many different models, covering three basic size ranges depending on your Electronics weight and gimball hole pattern. All components are Injection Molded from DuPont 6/6 Nylon material and assembled with stainless steel springs and screws. This ensures a long- lived, durable, and trouble free life span in either fresh or Salt Water environments, all at a fraction of the purchase costs of any other competitor’s products.

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