Johnny Ray Introduces New High Speed Transducer Bracket for 2011!

January 24, 2011 Blog

Available now, our New Speed-Reeder Bracket was designed and developed specifically to cure the age old problem for the owners of Aluminum Hull Boats and Pontoon Boats which loose depth finder readings while driving at speed or when cornering.

With today’s boat hull designs, it is often difficult to near impossible to place the transducer in clean, un-turbulent water using the stock OEM bracket assembly. Our Unique 2 piece adjustable design allows for an infinite transom angle mounting position while allowing over 180 degrees of adjustment between the transom mounting position and the water’s surface. The Speed-Reeder’s unique design also places the transducer into this clean, un-turbulent water well behind the transom itself, allowing it to remain in contact with the water’s surface at speed or when cornering. Also unique to its design is the ability to “kick up” in case of a sudden impact with a floating object to help save the transducer from damage.