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Brass for fresh and salt water use.

  • Injection Molded Polyethylene cases for durability
  • Plates are stud hole sized to ensure proper hook-up
  • Includes Stainless Steel Connector Retaining Screws
  • Yellow Brass Plate for Saltwater Applications  or Superior Freshwater Protection

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Battery Terminals

Designed specifically to clean up the tangled mess of accessory wiring at the battery. Our Battery Terminals are perfect for wiring in on-board charging systems, or with any other wiring application that attaches at the battery. When our terminals are removed from the battery post, they secure every wire within the terminal and cover,  and prevents wrong polarity post installation upon re-connection. Four terminals # 14-16 gauge Terminals and 4) # 10-12 gauge Terminals are supplied with each set, however more can be used in conjunction with the connectors supplied. With their low profile design, our Battery Terminals can be used under virtually any battery enclosure.

     Why continue to wrestle those unsightly wires at your battery when you can group them all together in one convenient , color-coded package with Johnny Ray Battery Terminals!! Even in this actual, real-world application using the Gel Filled Cranking Battery having the stud and conventional posts in close proximity to each other, our Battery Terminals were still able to wind around the battery, allowing the consolidation of all the accessory wiring as shown before. This particular boat had 2 Power Pole Anchoring Systems, an On-Board Charging System, and a Hydraulic Jack Plate System, which were all able to be consolidated into one secure connection using the Johnny Ray Battery Terminals…..



100% Brass Threaded Inserts:  Every Johnny Ray Battery Case starts it’s assembly with Top Quality, 100% Brass, Threaded Inserts which have been Sonically Welded in place. This eliminates any possibility of stripped threads in the lower half of the case itself, which in turn ensures a tighter, more secure connection between the terminal and the contact plate. Every Terminal produced since 1994 has had this unique feature.


Model A

Case Width


Case Length


Case Height


Stud Hole Sizes




Plate Material Type

JR-600B 1.800 1.600 .825 Red -3/8″

Black – 5/16″

.093 Yellow Brass
*Red and Black Outer Cases are Injection Molded from Sclair Polyethylene material

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