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New!!  HLP Adapter Plate for JR-400 Swivel Mount

Developed exclusively for the Push Button JR-400 Swivel Mount to fit Humminbird 300, 500, & 700 Series Units (to include all obsolete models using identical style mounting base design) and All Lowrance Mark 5 & Elite 5 Models

**Sold in 3 Different Varieties to Fit Your Needs.**


Complete Swivel Mount Package

  • This Swivel Mount is the complete assembly you will need to locate and mount your Electronic Unit to your boat.
  • Contains our JR-400 Swivel Mount and the HLP Plate pre-assembled for your convenience.
  • HLP Plate is Extruded 6/6 Nylon and is 3/8 Thick.   Simply Drill your Electronic Hole Pattern into the Plate.
  • Mfg Model Number:  JR-400HLP-M

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Swivel Top Assembly for Push Button Base

  • Must Currently Own or Requires Purchase of a JR-300B Push Button Style Mounting Base (sold separately).
  • Contains a JR-400 Swivel Top and an HLP Plate pre-assembled for your convenience.
  • Assembly Snaps Into the JR-300B Mounting Base (standard base for all Push Button Models).
  • Mfg. Model Number:    JR-400HLP-T


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HLP Mounting Plate Only

  • Plate Requires Usage of a JR-400 Swivel Mount (sold separately).
  • Hardware included to bolt HLP Plate to JR-400 Swivel Mount Top.
  • Mfg. Model Number:  JR-400HLP-P

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Please Note: HLP Plate is not drilled for any specific Electronic Hole Pattern. This ensures each plate will conform to each specific application and Electronic Unit, without excessive unused holes remaining in the plate. The HLP Plate is however pre-drilled to fit the JR-400 Swivel Top


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