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JR-400 AP Adapter Plate

Features Include:

              Constructed of durable DuPont 6/6 Industrial Grade Nylon

              All ZLLC Plated Mounting Hardware included.

              2 Hole Patterns to Choose From : 1.38 x 1.19 for Computrol / Bottom Line Tournament Models  1101 and 2100, 2.12 wide pattern for the Lowrance / Eagle models X47, X67C, Cuda 128, Cuda 168

              Adapts a JR-400 Swivel Mount to accept these models.

Shown Above: JR-400 AP Mounted onto a

  JR-400 Swivel Mount (sold separately)

Shown Above: Underside of JR-400 AP

Illustrating Gimbal Attaching Caged Nuts

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