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JR-300MP Optional Mounting Plate

The New JR-300MP Optional Mounting Plate  by Johnny Ray Sports LLC, in now available to boaters and fishermen worldwide.   Introduced as a " wire hole cover" for only $3.95,   innovative users  have discovered that stacking multiple plates is a clean, inexpensive,  and secure way to elevate a mounted electronic device.

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Features Include:

  • Constructed of durable DuPont 6/6 Industrial Grade Nylon
  •   Raises Swivel Mount overall height by 3/8 Inch.
  • Doubles as a Wiring Hole Cover to hide wire routing underneath the Swivel Mount Base
  • Provides a Solid, Secure Mounting Area on carpeted surfaces to allow easier Push Button operation
  • Can be used under any Push Button Release style Swivel Mount
  • Can be stacked in Multiples to allow for additional Clearances or bigger wiring

Shown Above: JR-300 MP Optional Mounting Plate


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