Mounting Instructions for Flex Base Mount.


Installation Instructions

1. Select the area for which the Unit is to be mounted.

2. Roughly set the angle of the Flex Base to achieve the optimum mounting and viewing angle.

3. Loosely Install the Electronic Unit and check for any interferences.

4. Once Location has been Determined, mark the mounting holes for the Flex Base Foot. Note: It is recommended that a bolt and nut installation be used for this application due to high stress on the area of the foot mount during use. If this application cannot be used, please use large, deep and coarse-threaded screws to ensure a secure bite into the mounting surface.

5. Drill and Secure the Flex Base onto the new location.

6. Install the Electronic Unit, clocking the unit in your desired location using the multiple mounting holes shown below in red for each respective unit.

7. Reset if necessary the desired platform angle of the flex base.

8. Securely tighten the center pivot bolt on the Flex Base and check for any movement. Bolt and nut may require a moderate amount of tightening to ensure that the grip washers bite into the metal to eliminate movement during use.

9. Enjoy your New Electronic Installation!!

Lowrance Pattern

Garmin Pattern

Humminbird Pattern

Johnny Ray Base Pattern