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Flex Base Mount

  Specifically Designed to Provide a Mounting Location For Electronics onto Angled Surfaces and Contoured Consoles


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Today’s Consoles keep getting more and more streamline, leaving no room or flat area to mount your electronics. The Johnny Ray Flex Base is here to solve that problem once and for all.

This no-nonsense bracket allows you to create a level platform for your electronic unit on virtually any angle surface, lock it in place, and forget it. The rigid Stainless Steel Design won’t flop around, or drop out of sight, and never needs repositioning, providing you a safe, secure way of mounting your units to your boat.

No matter if you are doing a new installation, or adding an additional electronic unit, the Flex Base has you covered. It’s Small, 2” Square footprint allows for compact mounting. If added height is what you need, the Flex Base also allows for an additional 3 3/4” (5” when using a Johnny Ray Mount) from the mounting surface. And with 180 degrees of rotation, the Flex Base can even provide mounting on side rails and gunnels.

The boating applications are endless! Pontoon Boats, Bass Boats, Fish & Ski, Kayaks, Canoes, Jet Ski’s, Jon Boats, Cabin Cruisers, the list goes on and on!! With it’s 100% T-304 Stainless Steel Construction and Stainless Hardware, the Flex Base can withstand salt and fresh water applications!

Multiple Mounting Holes Means More Applications for You

Hole Patterns Included Allow Direct, No-Drill Mounting of Today’s Most Popular Units Like:

Garmin GPSMap 421S, 431S, 541S & 546S: Can be clocked in 6 Positions (shown by red on inset picture)


Lowrance Mark 4 & 5 Models, Elite 4, 5, & 7 Models: Can be Clocked in 4 Positions (Red on Inset Picture)

Humminbird 300, 500, & 700 Models, Can Be Clocked in 2 Positions (Shown in Red by Inset Picture)


Johnny Ray Swivel Mounts for Even More Applications! Can be Clocked in 6 Positions (Shown by Inset Picture in Red)

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Made from .070 Thick T-304 Stainless Steel Material

  • Stainless Steel Assembly Fasteners

  • “A” Dimension - 3 3/4” Without a Johnny Ray Base

  • “A” Dimension - 5” with a Johnny Ray Base

  • “B” Dimension - 2” Square

  • 180 Degrees of Angular Adjustment

Flex Base Models and Pricing

  • Model JR-100 - Flex Base Mount - $29.95
  • Model JR-103 - Flex Base Mount with JR-300 Swivel Mount - $59.95
  • Model JR-104 - Flex Base Mount with JR-400 Swivel Mount - $59.95
  • Model JR-105 - Flex Base Mount with JR-500 Swivel Mount - $59.95
  • Model JR-103B - Flex Base Mount with JR-300B Push Button Base Only - $49.95
  • Model JR-104AP - Flex Base Mount with JR-400AP Swivel Combo - $69.95
  • Model JR-104HLP - Flex Base Mount with JR-400HLP Swivel Mount Combo - $69.95


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Updated 7/23/2013

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